Patient Reference Group

The surgery has a Patient Reference Group. This group enables us to obtain feedback on a number of issues including the range and quality of services provided by the practice.

In the past we have had a Patient Panel whereby we had a list of patients to contact should we wish to discuss any potential changes to services. The Reference Group is different in that there is more formal structure in place for the practice to regularly engage with the group.

The group is made up of patients registered at the practice. We need to ensure that the group is a representative sample of our practice population and would welcome expressions of interest from other patients. Due to the make-up of our practice profile we are particularly interested in having representation from patients in the following groups:

  • Patients who are carers for a family member
  • Patients who work in a nursing home
  • Patients aged between 40 and 50 (male or female)
  • Patients who are unemployed
  • Patients from the polish community

The group meets approximately once a quarter and there are also elements of a 'virtual' group whereby ideas etc are shared via email or sometimes discussed on the 'phone'.

If you are interested, please can you email Vivienne Postma, Operations Assistant at or telephone her on 01823 282151. 


Patient Participation Report 2014-2015

Patient Participation Template 2013-2014

Patient Questionnaire Comments 2013-2014

Patient Questionnaire Results 2014


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