Patient Feedback

You said: Not enough privacy when talking to receptionist at the front desk
We did: We have now organised for a barrier to be put in place, where patients will queue at one end and wait to be called forward by the receptionist.

You said: You would like more pre-bookable appointments for the same week or the next week.
We did: We now open slots at all different times of the day to give us more availability.

You said: You would prefer to stick to the same doctor where possible on each visit to the practice.
We did: We have moved to a more personal list based system to provide more continuity of care to our patients.

You said: The pharmacy should open and close at the same time as the surgery.
We did: We asked the chemist to extend their opening hours to match ours, so they would be open when we are. They are now open 08:30-18:30.

You said: A change of the position of the chairs in the waiting room would be good.
We did: We have changed the way that the chairs face so that they now face the calling board to make it easier to glance up and check your name.

You said: To keep the doors to the doctor’s corridor open during surgery hours to make it easier for patients to get through.
We did: We have installed release catches on the doors to keep them open throughout the day, but in the event of a fire they will release for safety.

You said: We didn’t have enough information leaflets available
We did: We now have a representative from NHS England in each month to keep our leaflet board up to date.

You said: We didn’t have enough magazines in the waiting area for different ages/genders
We did: We now keep a wide variety of magazines in the waiting room for patients to read

You said: We don’t have a water facility in the waiting room
We did: we are currently looking into this

You said: Doctors are always running late and we aren’t always sure how much longer we have to wait for the appointment.
We did: We make sure we keep the board in the waiting room up to date and have notices in the waiting room to advise patients to come to reception if they have been waiting over a certain amount of time.

You said: You don’t understand how the appointments system works
We did: We have explained online and in our practice booklet how our appointment system works and when appointments get released for patients to book in to.

You said: You can’t get through on the phone and the phone line is deceiving
We did: We have now changed our phone lines, now when you ring you will be placed in a queue which gives a more accurate waiting time than previously.

You said: It is always difficult to contact the repeat prescriptions desk
We did: Although we have shortened the prescription phone line opening hours, we do offer an answerphone where patients can leave a message ordering their repeat medications which will be picked up either the same day or the next.

You said: It is difficult to get an appointment around working hours.
We did: We now offer telephone call backs for certain problems, where by the doctor can ring a patient back out of working hours to discuss the problem.


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